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Projects: Museum Exhibits

I work closely with undergraduate students to Northwest Missouri State University to research, design, and install exhibits on university and local history topics. These exhibits most frequently have been displayed on the Northwest campus and at the Nodaway County Historical Society (NCHS) Museum.

•    “Maryville Now & Then,” NCHS, Fall 2011

•    “The People and Places of Folk Music,” 7-part exhibit, NCHS, Fall 2012

•    “Early Agriculture and Settlement in Nodaway,” NCHS, Spring 2013

•    “Alma Nash,” NCHS, Spring 2013

•    “The Middle Ages in Cabinets & Displays,” NWMSU: Valk Building, Fall 2013

•    “Rural Nodaway County” (7-part exhibit), NCHS, Fall 2014

•    “Maryville Now & Then,” NWMSU: Valk, Library, Student Union, Fall 2015

•    “Dark Happenings in Nodaway County,” NCHS, Fall 2015

•    “Voices in Stitches,” NCHS, Spring 2016

•    “Courage to Fight: Military History in Nodaway County,” 10-part exhibit, NCHS, Fall 2016

•    Supplementary local exhibits to “Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America,” travelling Smithsonian exhibit at NCHS, Fall 2018

•    Permanent Installation: “History of Maryville Public Safety,” MPS Building, 2019-2020

•    “Difficult History in Nodaway County” (5-part exhibit), NCHS, Fall 2020

•    “Military History at Northwest Missouri State University,” NWMSU: Valk, Fall 2020

•    Veteran’s Day Exhibit: "Pearl Harbor @ 80 Years," NWMSU: Valk, Fall 2021

•    Stairway of Stars Displays, NCHS, Fall 2022

Click on images below to see more details about some of these projects.

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